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You will remember prior to Christmas my e.mail to you then, stating that the committee will be meeting at the end of January 2021 with the intention of making a decision regarding the 2021 Challenge . The on-line meeting was held with all the committee members and a unanimous decision has been made. It is not the decision that we would have liked but after a debate lasting almost an hour we have decided to Postpone the Challenge for another year.

 I am sure you will all agree the chance of us holding the regatta in May was not possible, we may not be out of this current lockdown and if we are, there will be restrictions on numbers meeting. So our main decision to make was whether we can hold the Challenge in October, (Yachts and Venues had all been booked) or if we should postpone for 2021. It was appreciated the various comments sent, in reply to my previous e.mail, with regards to availability of leave (particularly those co working across emergency services), family commitments (if there are lifting of restrictions in 2021 a family holiday may be a priority), costs to individuals sailing in October 2021 and May 2022 diluting the entry numbers built up over the years,  all these factors were discussed. In addition, and probably most importantly, information has been passed to us originating from NHS England that they are modelling for further peaks in the virus in April 2021 and September 2021. 

I mentioned before this is not an outcome I wanted to have but with all the information at hand , the safety of all competitors and support staff is paramount and so we all feel this is the right decision to make. Your boats will be reserved for the Challenge in 2022, when  I am sure we will be able to hold the event in safety , without restrictions for all to enjoy.

It has been suggested that the dates the UKFSC had reserved boats in October 2021 (Week Commencing 4th ) that if teams want to sail, that this may be a good time if restrictions allow . This will help support the suppliers of the event. The UKFSC will not organise this , but will support those that want to know any information. 

Please feel free to ask any questions, The dates for 2022 will be posted once we have confirmation from the various Charterers and suppliers. 

Thank you for your understanding, in what are the most difficult of times for us all.

Mick Norman   and Committee   

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