Coldcutcobra, Our New Bronze Sponsor.

Welcome and a big thank you to Martin Orman and Coldcut systems as our new Bronze sponsor.

Cold Cut Systems AB is world-leader in the field of Cutting Extinguishing. At present there are about 1000 Cutting Extinguisher systems installed in everything from small vans to specially built Rescue Services vehicles in more than 45 countries.

More than 50 Rescue Services in Sweden have procured Cutting Extinguishers, and some already have 6 or 7 systems. In these Rescue Services the Cutting Extinguisher is used in 80% of the turnouts.

The Cutting Extinguisher technique consists of a mixture of water and cutting agent being ejected through a special nozzle on a lance at high pressure (>250 bar) to cut very quickly through all known building and construction materials. The method enables the safe combating of fire and fire gases from the outside of the fire location. Because the penetration hole is so small no oxygen is admitted to the fire, which significantly boosts the firefighting effect in the area.

Combined action using Cutting Extinguishers, thermal cameras and positive pressure fans has proved to be very effective in the fighting of many fires. The Cutting Extinguisher is used on a daily basis around the world, and some examples of this action are described in the action reports.

Cutting Extinguishing is now a compulsory subject in the two-year, post-secondary school training (SMO, Protection against accidents). The training is for people who wish to be firemen and work with rescue and safety.

Main advantages of the cutting extinguisher:

  • Quick action, using a Cutting Extinguisher, suppresses the course of a fire and gives the Rescue Leader more time to plan operations to facilitate optimum efficiency. Flashovers can be counteracted by early application of Cutting Extinguishers and the spreading of fire can be limited.
  • Fire destroys economic values every year at extensive amounts. Damage by water in firefighting represents more than 50% of the costs in large fires. The Cutting Extinguisher has proved to be an invaluable tool in reducing the extent of damage in a way that no other equipment can offer.

Posted March 30, 2018 in: Sponsor Updates by Pip Dwyer